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Ludwig-Danube-Main Canal

Bicycling at the Old Canal.

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The Old Canal is very suitable for bicycle tours. Almost the whole tow path between Nuremberg-Gartenstadt (lock 72) and Berching (lock 23) is in good condition and can be used for bicycling and walking. There are only short gaps by crossing roads etc. On this distance all locks except number 31 are well preserved. Some of them are even still functional and are passed during boat trips. Beside the locks, further preserved canal constructions e.g. very beautiful original bridges or two aqueducts (exceptionally impressive the Brückkanal (aqueduct) between lock 59 and 60 - a technical master achievement) can be found. Above all, one can see results of large ground excavation like the Dörlbach Cut, impressive dams as the 30 meters high Distelloch Dam or quite inconspicuous dewatering conduits or safety gates. Not to forget the ports and the loading technology used there as in Worzeldorf and Kelheim. All of this and also the history of the canal is very well described on the information boards along the way.

The section from Worzeldorf to Neumarkt belongs to the Five Rivers Bike Path (a part of it is served by Werner Schneider and is described on his homepage). The bike path is not asphalted, but - except with racing bikes - easy to drive. The altitude difference to overcome between Nuremberg and the summit level (between lock 32 and 33) is approximately 95 meters and from the opposite direction (Berching) about 25 meters. The way is usually level, with a climb of up to two meters at each lock. The summit level between lock 32 (near Sengenthal) and lock 33 (near Burgthann-Rübleinshof) is 24 km long. The distance between lock 72 and 23 is about 60 kilometres. It is not necessary to drive the whole distance on one tour, because is it possible to change to or from the Nuremberg - Neumarkt railway at strategic places. From Nuremberg-Gartenstadt to railway station Burgthann is at least 20 km. From station Burgthann to Neumarkt (only 3 locks near Burgthann, the rest is on the summit level) is also about 20 km. And the same is true for the distance between Neumarkt and Berching. Most of the locks (24 in approx. 8 km) are between the aqueduct Brückkanal and Burgthann.

Also in the Altmühl Valley southwards of Berching on the way to Kelheim there are very beautiful sections, even if not so many locks can be seen here. Near Dietfurt the canal has passed into the river Altmühl and one drives now along the new Main-Danube Canal (that replaces the Altmühl here) and partially along the surviving old course of the Altmühl. The remaining oxbow arms of the Altmühl together with the partially rocky surrounding area form a very beautiful landscape (see also sub pages for locks 10 and 12).

To the north of Nuremberg almost nothing of the canal remains. There are only still the canal monument in Erlangen, the functional lock 100 in Bamberg and a few lock houses and lock ruins.

All Locks of the Old Canal The Old Canal in Google Earth & Maps Links regarding Ludwig-Danube-Main Canal Imprint Diese Seite in Deutsch